Tuesday, 29 July 2014


 Afro Tour 2014


heyhey !! Two more shows coming up ! and we can't wait to rockk it outt!! we're up next tomorrow at Razzett L-ahmar and then at The Beerfestival.. feel free to come down and rock the bassflexpowerKs


FRI 25th JUL -  Cable35 live at Razzett L-ahmar
 WED 30th JUL - Cable35 at The Beer Festival 2014

Creating an elegant life for rockers is simple;

Now that you’ve selected a way to rock with, drag in your super powers to define the structure of your message.
Don’t worry, you can always delete or rearrange your powers as needed. Then click “Source” to define fonts, colors, and styles.
Need inspiration for your design?
Here’s what ed did;

Check us out on youtube below with the latest afro tour events and happy times
I want to be a cowboy!
and It's perfectly tuned!
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