Friday, 16 May 2014

***Please Read The New Music Model by Paul Bailey*** RT

The New Music Model.

In the ever changing world of music it is increasingly difficult
for Indie artists to make a living on their own recognition.
Unless you have a big bank account or a rich uncle it is tough
enough to survive plus holding down a day job!
It is said that if you have a passion for something you must
then figure an ingenious way to make a living from it!

Easier said than done especially since there is so much 
competition for your money. How much can you invest
in your self witch I believe would be your best investment
Is investing in your self. As an indie artist their is not allot of options.
But what if there was an option to have investment in your music
by investors would you go for it?

Most indie artist would love an investor the do it your self
route sounds great in theory but without capital behind 
you and a team it becomes very difficult and weighs you down!
The 360 model is not new it has been around for a couple of yrs
Mostly for major label artists what if there was one for everybody!

Guess what their is a new platform for all Indie artists
There name is Gideen. You simply upload your track
to there site they send you a You Tube link of your song 
Your job is to get all your social net work to like your video
on their Facebook page and You Tube. If you make the top 200 chart
their charting system they will in vest in your song the ownership is for life.
So be sure it is the song you want to give up in return your bank account 
could see great dividends. This is a 360 deal per song only make sure
you have a Lawyer the contract is 30 pages long. 

On that note give it a try and let me know what you think
Here is my video link feel free to like and comment

P Bailey

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