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​Taliferro Music ♫ Debut Single “A Change is Gonna Come” by Ava Lemert

I am so excited to share my first release with my new label, Taliferro Music, below is the music review and it will be available very soon on iTunes! There is a link to listen to it on Soundcloud in the review below, thanks so much for supporting me in my dream of sharing music around the world! The change is indeed here, and it is great, Happy Spring! <3 Ava

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Taliferro Music ♫

Single Spotlight: “A Change is Gonna Come” by Ava Lemert

by Venus L
A Change is Gonna ComeA newly released interpretation of the massively successful classic, that was originated with the late great, Sam Cooke, "A Change is Gonna Come" by Ms. Ava Lemert is a fresh slice of antiquity. By following her roots, what excites her, and intuition, she has once again created an instant classic with the ability to transcend age and genre.
Captivating from the first chord; epic and orotund, (as is typical for this extraordinary vocalist), fans of the original version of this track shan't be disappointed by this crisp cover. Complete with her raw, unaltered vocals and a flawless, one-take, tenor saxophone solo Ms. Ava effortlessly breathes new life to this classic work of art.
With a slightly altered, more drawn out bridge portion, (taken from a unique version recorded by the incomparable Aretha Franklin), Ms. Ava opted to make this portion of the track her own by fusing the styles of these legends with her own melodic magic. A great decision it seems, as this part of the track simultaneously, stands out and ties the entire track together, as any good bridge should do.
Furthermore, towards the end of the track, Eva showcases her production chops by incorporating her own key-work into the mix creating a string-infused build-up that helps to create that necessary crescendo which no good soulful track can be bereft of.
Overall, the messages behind this track are of the many. She not only proves that classic records can be made anew, but also that following your heart and the things that excite you can often result in strange and awesome fruits. What's more, is that the overall meaning of this song changes from listener to listener, and thus has mass appeal to the world at large. And in this specific instance, it seems to be a tale of the journey of an artist who dared to realize her dreams of changing the world with her songs. Indeed, a change is here, and her name is Ava Lemert!
Venus L
Venus L | March 19, 2014 at 9:40 am | URL: http://wp.me/p2OWUr-21H
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