Saturday, 8 March 2014

Harsh.TV Does an exclusive Interview With EofE

Q. Tell us about who you are & What you do? 

We are EofE we are a west midlands based rock band that consists of 4 members, Tom Harris on Lead Vocals, Dan Bremner on Lead Guitar, Luke Bradley on Bass and Nicky Waters on Drums.

Q: Describe your Music in 5 words 

Fresh, Edgy, Catchy, Unique and Crossover.

Q. Please give your Fans 3 Fun Facts About you

We have a song on Qatar airways, we’ve had two lawsuits over band names and our favorite drink is Jack Daniel’s whisky.

Q. What makes your Voice Stand Out from other Artists? 

We stand out from other artists because our music is commercial but it also has more edge than the chart music, we are more guitar riff driven than many artists in the charts but just as commercial.
We have a diverse range of influences and they combine to give a unique edge to our writing

Q. Do you Write Your Own Material? 

Yes we’ve always written our own songs since the band was formed and each other individually before we made the band

Q: What are your Current projects that you are working on? 

We are currently working on new songs for our debut album, we have big plans for 2014 – big tour news coming soon

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

Hopefully we will be headlining arenas across the UK and US, that’s where we are aiming

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Our inspiration comes from our idols and who we looked up to as kids and still do, we are also inspired to get rock back into the charts. In song writing terms it comes from things that have happened to us, how we feel, what we see. We believe people can relate to our music

Q: Who would you rather listen to UK or US Music? 

We are divided on that one but we would have to say UK music because we have gave birth to the greatest artists in the world, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin just to name a few 

Q: What Artist do you listen to? 

We listen to loads of different artists as band we like, Guns N Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, The rolling stones and The Beatles, Individually we also like, Maroon 5, You me at six, INXS and The Deftones

Q: Who influences your music?

Our music is diversely influenced from classic and modern rock to pop, punk, country and blues and of course Metal (we are from the home of Metal)

Q: Please describe your fashion style in 5 words? 

Classic, Modern, Unique, Individual and Sexy

Q: How can people Contact you & Collaborate with you

You can contact us through facebook, twitter, tumblr and our website which is all you have to do is search EofEOfficial and you’ll find us

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