Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy New Year and a Belated Valentines Day to You!

Happy New Year and a Belated Valentines Day to You!

Just touchin in to let you know that we've been on the move with no slowing down!  Its been a bit crazy as the last three releases that have come out have not 
had videos. We were not sure whether or not to share them out with you as the online links go to beatport for sales and just playing only a snippet of the track 
as the previous Alaska releases have always been accompanied by a video. 

Either way please find the links to the goodies below. Also to keep you in the loop, Alaska is working on his "FunLife Album" and even though funding side of things have been a bit of a challenge the storm is now clearing as we move into the spring and summer. We will keep you informed as we move forward. In the meantime Alaska has started an old school breakdance and miami bass electro Radio show on Saturdays on which began the first Saturday in Jan....The flyer is attached do tune IN!!

Below are links to the previous AlaskaMC features.
Please feel free to post any of the links and content.


Also we would like to share with you the following  below is release info on an artists that Alaska has been mentoring here in Birmingham..>ENJOY

Artist: MDR
label: GoodBoyHoodBoy Records UK

COUNTRYLIFE original video link:
COUNRTY LIFE remix video link:

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