Monday, 17 February 2014

Deuce Radio Shows #252 and #253 are now live and available for you to listen to!
The Deuce Show is a weekly broadcast featuring all bands and artists promoted by Deuce Management & Promotion and is presented by Matt Barker and Joe Ferrett.  At present 7 FM radio stations and over 35Internet, University and Digital stations worldwide are broadcasting the show, details of which can be found HERE
Deuce would like to introduce you to 1 more radio station that has kindly offered to broadcast the Deuce Show:
  • Hawks Radio is an online internet radio station dedicated to Harlow in Essex and beyond, playing the widest selection of music anywhere on the planet. The station is streamed digitally online via the internet to your PC, Laptop, Wii, WiFi Radio, or mobile phone and you can listen to the Deuce Show on Hawks Radio every Wednesday from 6pm (GMT) by visiting
Deuce would like to introduce you to the new Deuce A Listers on the radio show who you can listen to by Further details about them and the latest shows are below:
Deuce Show #252 is presented by Matt Barker and includes:
  • The spotlight artist on  Indie band Triphazard 
Below is the video for We Are The 99 by Machine Guns & Motorcycles who are featured on Deuce Show #252.
machine guns & motorcycles - "we are the 99"

Deuce Show #253 
is presented by Joe Ferrett and includes:
  • New Deuce Acts to look out for in 2014 such as Pop Soul artist Jamie Jooste from England
  Below is the video for Jennifer by Bruise who is featured on Deuce Show #253
You can listen or download Deuce Radio Show #252 and #253 along with previous shows by visiting
Deuce is on Facebook and you can follow us at and on Twitter
Further information on Deuce Managment & Promotion can be found at
Bands and artists registered with Deuce also receive exposure through a large number of other radio stations worldwide that are featuring selected Deuce acts on their shows. We would like to thank each and every one of these stations and radio presenters for their time and continued support.
The Deuce Shows are a fantastic opportunity for bands and artists to have their music heard by a wider audience on a number of different radio stations.  If you would like to be considered for exposure on The Deuce Show and to find out what else Deuce Management & Promotion can offer you, please email a link to your music for a free evaluation.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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