Saturday, 8 February 2014

2013 Year In Review- From The Extremely Talented Artists - Paul Bailey

2013 was a positive year many lessons learned.
Trust your instincts if you have a gut feeling about something
good or bad it's probably true!
Learned to navigate and work with people who are on the up and up!
A true independent learns to rely on himself. A great man 
once said a real hustler is not a drug dealer because a drug dealer
can only sell drugs but a real hustler can sell everything else!

I learned to be a real hustler by developing relationships
and using social media to market and promote.
Many third party sites are exploiting the poor Independent.
Taking advantage of one's dreams promising the moon
and delivering frustration and depression.
I discovered hidden talents that were forced to come out
due to the instability of unworthy people  and the Industry!

2013 I  learned to be patient Rome was not built in a day.
So I have gotten rid of unhealthy habits and people
for 2014. Gained confidence with a take no prisoner attitude.
That is what 2014 will bring believe and you will achieve!

2013 I was told by an industry Rep  they believe in my Publishing
they deal with only 6 Publishers from Canada and my catalog
is the preference. I was also told by Industry insiders
that my catalog is a cross between LL Cool J and Bey-once.

2013 was a year in the making 2014 will be the result!

Have a listen to a couple of tracks from my online catalog

Remember to stay strong and believe in your dreams God Bless!

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