Tuesday, 14 January 2014

***RT PLEASE HELP - Esha’s dream is to be able to walk

Dear colleague,

I am writing to you with a special request.

Esha Ilyas is a 10 year old local girl with cerebral palsy. This affects her walking and balance, making it difficult for her to be independent and join in the activities of her friends and classmates. She wears corrective plaster casts on both legs and receives regular injections to ease the pain.

Many of you will know Esha’s mother – Manisha Modhvadia previously worked for the CVS and now works for Barking & Dagenham Healthwatch.

There is a spinal operation (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) that, together with intensive physiotherapy, would enable Esha to walk. She has been accepted for this operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital, but the NHS won’t pay for it so the CVS is supporting her family to raise the £36,000 that is needed.

I have never before sent out a direct appeal for donations, but I am doing so now as we have a real opportunity to radically transform a young girl’s life. Please visit the website, www.eshasdreamtowalk.org.uk orwww.bdcvs.org.uk and donate however much you are able to.

We are hoping to raise the money by March so that Esha can have the operation and physiotherapy in time to be able to walk unaided to her new secondary school in September. Any help you can give us will be hugely appreciated (for example, you may be a member of a club or faith group where Esha can come and talk and have a collection).

Please forward this email on to all your friends and contacts.

Esha’s dream is to be able to walk to her new secondary school in September – let’s help her to make that dream come true.

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