Friday, 3 January 2014

Chemical Overload from The Q is a masterful 4 track EP full of energy, soul and imagination.

Chemical Overload from The Q is a masterful 4 track EP full of energy, soul and imagination. Breaking free from their earlier influences The Q have found an edgier attack to their song writing which leaves the listener wanting more and more. Like the first book in a best-selling series of novels, you won’t be able to put this record down. If you’ve not heard of The Q before now I can guarantee that you won’t forget them once you’ve listened to Chemical Overload.

Inspired by 60’s mods and the hard hitting rawness of the ’79 revival scene The Q have combined strong melodies and memorable riffs to create a record that delivers on all levels. “Chemical Overload” isn’t an EP with an “A” and a “B” side as such – it’s a record of 4 singles that stand out amongst the crowd.  THIS IS A “MUST HAVE” ADDITION TO YOUR RECORD COLLECTION

Limited Edition 12” Vinyl EP available mail-order only from
(The first 100 copies have been signed by the band)
All 4 tracks from the EP are available as digital download singles from iTunes & Amazon. Links to Amazon at the bottom of this article.

Reviews: -
James Kirby (for  “The Q…. electrifying talent”….“Chemical Overload is an EP to set your mind ablaze”
Tim Whale (Emerging Indie Bands): “…Communication Breakdown…my favourite song of the year so far..”
Simon Napier-Bell – Pop guru & CEO of Snap-B Media and Music Group:
“The whole EP is played with enormous energy and passion  ….” “.… and then suddenly I hear a track which totally sells it to me. In that context, for sheer energy, Science is the winner!”
Heavy Soul Modzine:
“…. The Q …… fantastic!”
John Fallon (record producer):
“Chemical Overload …. Bloody brilliant”
ForksterRocks review:
“The Q are an impressive, shining band…. Brilliant earfuls of outstanding music”
Science: -

Diamond July: -

My Life: -

Communication Breakdown: -

Please download the artwork for the EP cover from the following link 

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