Friday, 25 October 2013

London Calls To Italian PRIZEDAY Via Visions Of Berlin

London Calls To Italian PRIZEDAY Via Visions Of Berlin

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Prizeday embrace multi-cultural European flavours
in their music and lifestyle.  Claiming they exist 'between London and
Milan', it's no surprise that they are eager to tour the UK this autumn -
but to promote a song with a modern historical German twist.

'Punk Singer For A Night In Berlin' is a driving pseudo-punk 80's style pop
tale, described here by Quarry from the band:

"A vision of myself playing under Brandenburg Gate that particular night
when the Berlin wall was coming down.  A portrayal of a schizophrenic,
consumistic, sick but always exciting city after the fall of the wall."

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked an end to an era of division in European
history, making the subject appealing to a band who mix musical trends,
blending styles to form a haunting but catchy narrative on the world they
exist in, comparative to the one they grew up in.  The bands openness to
ideas from all facets of modern life after social change reflects their
passion for touring, with the UK a focal point for their inspiration and
efforts.  They performed a highlight show at Brighton's Great Escape
Festival this year, as well as successfully touring to promote their
previous record, 'War Zone' - a song which looked forward to a post atomic
global landscape featuring chaos, a controlling class system, and robots.
Not limited to audio-media, their accompanying film of the same title was
showcased at Cannes film festival.

The band are in the UK supporting The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, most
famous for his classic hit single 'Fire', but who's latest song 'The
Unknown' also reflects the changing world.

Don't miss Prizeday in the UK in October:

17th Oct                 Swansea                              The Garage

18th Oct                 Birmingham                        The Rainbow

19th Oct                 Liverpool                             The Kazimer




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