Friday, 25 October 2013

HOT MUSIC NEWS PLEASE RT ***LOC Associates Updates****

LOC Associates Entertainment has become a force in the music industry in the Midwest, with the addition to $tylz taking the position as CEO of LOC Associates Entertainment. LOC Associates Entertainment has/is giving underground/unsigned artist the chance to distributions to over 400 partners, Radio plays, social media setup, BMI, ASCAP, graphics design (flyers, cover art, t-shirts, banners, logos), websites, marketing, business cards, & CD manufacturing.

There was a void of music industries labels, & resources in the Midwest part of the United States. $tylz has reached out to multi companies, A&R reps, and artist to bring opportunities to the Midwest and bring the Midwest into the international spotlight of the music industry. You've got the East Coast, West Coast, and Southern Coast....  But not everyone has forgotten about the middle of the map.... The Midwest!  With his artist leading the way taking the world by storm!

The beautiful, amazingly, talented, Brooklynn leading the way in the female R&B category, and also the first/always lady of LOC Associates Entertainment. Brooklynn amazing R&B, bluesy, jazzey, gospel, and soulful style voice sets here a step above the rest females, but Brooklynn is always humbled in her success, support, collaborations, and fans.  Brooklynn is a songwriter, singer, composer, and Producer.  The Star of Myspace Take The Stage, Season 1, X Factor contestant, Jester Awards winning for Best Lead Actress in Annie Oakley. One of the hardest working females in the music industry... She always working on something in her music career, from producing her beats, writing her lyrics, meeting, shows, or meet and greet with her fans. Be sure to connect with Brooklynn on her social sites. Free album coming soon.... Also check her out on Spotify.



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HT founder/president/engineer/rap artist of LOC Associates Entertainment and also group member of LOC Associates the group. HT is one of the founders of LOC Associates with consist of Yung Stuwee, DeWey, Bro' Bro', T-Will, LC Da Hustla, C. Jizzle, and Rude Boi. LOC Associates What iz it album with hits like Dis Is How We Trapp, Forgive Me, Dum Dum, She Wanna Be Wit Me, & more...  Also with the releases of 3 Mixtapes for free downloads (LOC Associates Mixtapes VOL. 2, & 3)

Trial & Error


DeWey the king of R&B at LOC Associates Entertainment!  Dewey also started his solo career as a musician, and collaborations with many artist, and Producers here in Oklahoma. Dealing with the streets Dewey had a minor setback in his music career when he had to go to prison. With the prison time done Dewey really focused on this music career, and took the hustling ability into his career. Dewey has surpassed just being a singer/songwriter, and moved to engineering his/others music, rapping, shooting photographs, and shooting videos. Dewey has continued to work on his career, and being asked to open for several other very well known Artists. Dewey has also taken the knowledge, connections, and services to other artists that don't have the same opportunities.


Raige from Cali one of the hottest up and coming rapper artist.  On December 1st 2010, he met DJ Multimix Rich Ross) at "Tony's" in Fort Collins. Ross introduced him to Troy Notts, a DJ and up and coming producer in the area. 
After hearing Raige's demo Notts agreed to produce his entire album "Nuthin To Lose". His first three singles; "Until My Last Breath" "Street Soldier", and "Mind Trip" recieved rave reviews and really put him on the map in Colorado. in the summer of 2011 he and Notts began to do shows in the No-Co area where he started collaborating with local artists such as, Dizzy, Tone, Swagga ect... Raige has opened for artists such as, Trap Muzik, D.N.A. Three-Six Mafia and Lil Flip. Whether you love him or hate him, you can't deny that Raige is one of the most lyrical and captivating artists out right now.




With strong Oklahoma Entertainment connections working
Freeway Rick Ross Mixtape

LOC Associates Entertainment Projects
Messy Marv A Hundred Planes Soundtrack with LOC Associates single Entrepohustla ft. The Jacka


LOC Associates Mixtape Vol. 2 Featuring Swipa Kidd

LOC Associates Mixtape Vol. 3 Featuring Rude Boi

J-Rolla & HT The Next Gangstaration

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Freeway Ricky Ross American Gangsta

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