Monday, 30 September 2013

SIENNA – Norwegian/Japanese Electro-Jazz Phenomenom Returns To Second Home

SIENNA – Norwegian/Japanese Electro-Jazz Phenomenom Returns To Second Home
The UK is fast becoming a second home to Sienna.  Impressive really, given she already has a couple – her original Japan and current residency Norway.
This is due to the embracing welcome of UK audiences on several previous tours; raptured by the bands fusion of styles to create a tapestry of sound, fans are eager to see them return to this green and pleasent land - and to witness again the spectacle of Sienna’s performance herself.  The bands fascination with UK doesn’t stop with the shows – they love The Beatle’s and The Cavern Club, British Ale, and have a strange fascination with Boots pharmacies.  This country is their favourite, their ‘No.1 Heaven’.
Dubbed ‘The future sound of London’ these out-there visionaries create ambient and warm sonic contrasts, mixing Electronica, House, Jazz and Trad Japanese to become truely unique.  Its the definition of audio-phenomena, audio-sex to the weird and wonderful.
The release ‘Japonesque’ this year was a milestone for the scene.  Previous collaborations include psychedelic legend Nils Petter Molvaer as well as the late British legend Mick Karn, just to name a few...
The video for ‘Japonesque’ can be seen here
Sienna is the genesis of an original movement in sound. Be sure not to miss out on one of the following live shows this October:
24th Oct                 Kilburn, London                                The Good Ship
25th Oct                 Brighton                               Chequers
26th Oct                 Andover                              The George (Psychedelic Sunrise Club Night)
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