Friday, 16 August 2013

Song/Band Needed For Big Budget Film

Song Needed For Film 

           Happy Wednesday:

NEW BIG BUDGET FILM PROJECT  in search of song similar to "DEAD HANDS" by The Skins.

 Instrumental and vocals must be included in your submission
 See youtube video below for reference:

THE SKINS - Dead Hands - live @ The Bluebird Theater
THE SKINS - Dead Hands - live @ The Bluebird Theater

           FEE: $ LONG TERM PAY & BENEFITS /TBD   

         DEADLINE is Friday, Aug 16th - 9am EST

         Please send no more than 2  downloadable tracks (per spot)  to         
         SOUNDClOUD.COM only.  Tracks not sent by BOX or SOUNDCLOUD 
         will be deleted. 

            You MUST own and/or control all master and publishing in order 
             to submit music for these projects.

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