Friday, 16 August 2013

New Single Release - Mirage The Illusionist "Mind On My" Produced by Kooleidoscope - Download, Like & Comment!

Mirage The Illusionist - Mind On My
After releasing his latest mixtape "The Truth Hurts" on 4/28/2013 Mirage The Illusionist is back again with a new single called "Mind On My..." produced by Kooleidoscope. The song has a bit of a dark but aggressive sound to it. The feel of this track is very hardcore, raw, rugged and straight to the point. Mirage gets very personal in the lyrics and almost instantly grabs the audiences attention and takes them on a ride through his depression.This masterpiece speaks on the  trials and tribulations of everyday life so many people face in this new generation. Subjects from dealing with child support, money issues, alcohol addiction, all the way to dealing with sex addiction. Allot of artist in our time don't really have the heart to speak on what mirage speaks on. Even with that being said he is also backed with a flow of confidence and a voice of great intensity and pain which sets him apart from the rest.This piece of musical art is defiantly a different sound from the usual trash flooding the airwaves. The single is truly a powerful and revolutionary song that is needed in this time of dumbed down and repetitive music.

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