Saturday, 24 August 2013

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We are the world's only charity studio, located in Ashford, Kent, UK
What we do is simple, help out artists/bands/singers or anyone that wants to set foot in the music/media industry, as much as we can.
The idea is that not all artists have a chance of getting their art (tracks, compositions, songs, videos etc.) up to commercial standard; they can probably get this if they get signed by a label. The problem is that because of the digital revolution, labels are not willing to spend a lot on developing artists nowadays; they expect everything to be done when it gets to them. This means that the artist usually has to invest his/her own money in getting their tracks to standard, just to submit them as demos, that will probably never get listened to.
This is where we come in. We basically accept all media from all artists of all types, and we help them improve. This usually implies things like helping them write better lyrics, editing their arrangement, helping them with tips and tricks to do better productions, even record some of them. But mainly we help by getting their tracks and bringing them up to standard - giving them the professional mixing/mastering treatment - so they can submit to labels, send to radios or even just have as an achievement they can be proud of.
Normally, any studio with the equipment we use (mainly emulations of vintage hardware) and the experience we offer would charge around £200-300 per track to get it done.

But we do it for free.
Yes, for free.

Why? - Because we have been around through the industry and found out it’s not easy for everyone.
At the moment we are providing free help, support and advice as well as studio services, free mixing, mastering and post production sound to artists around Kent and London, as well as spread throughout the UK and the world.
We can help with constructing the tracks, recording, strategic / knowledge management consulting (copyrights, ISRC codes etc), and providing free mixing and mastering as well as help finding distribution channels.
We believe that everyone deserves a chance in finding a career in something they love, even though they can't afford going to a big studio, we do it for them, offering the same standard, but without the costs.

Have a look at our promo video:
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