Saturday, 24 August 2013

Harsh.TV Features - Dubnostics feat AlaskaMC

Title: Watts That Sound
Label: Wednesday Afternoon Recordings
Artist: Dubnostics feat AlaskaMC
Release Date: August 19, 2013
Genre: EDM

I t s W A R o n t h e d a n c e f l o o r! 
What's That Sound? UK beatmaker and bass merchant Dubnostics brings a new street riddim for WAR Recordings in collaboration with the international party starter and micman Alaska MC backed by some big remixes across the bass music spectrum from Slaughter Mob. Metta4, Deep Roots, Erb N Dub and DJ Wednesday, providing guaranteed dancefloor dynamite for discerning DJs to drop at clubs, raves and festivals worldwide...
With guest vocals from Adante, Krisitaaf, Sic'Nis, and MDRTillery; alongside two high energy videos to bring the visual element and of course the release is accompanied by accapellas available for up n' coming producers to work with. The Watts That Sound package is a creative labour of love from this elite international party squad, riding out with the rocket fuel to set it off everytime...never runnin' on fumes!!
Double video release links: 

Watts That Sound - Dubnostics

Watts That Sound - Slaughter Mob

Management & Bookings:
Double Video Release by MarkAntony and ShenShen Motion

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WATTS THAT SOUND - Dubnostics ft. AlaskaMC - artwork final 2013.jpgWATTS THAT SOUND - Dubnostics ft. AlaskaMC - 
Dubnostics feat. AlaskaMC - Watts That Sound -  War Recordings - 2013 banner fullrelease.jpgDubnostics feat. AlaskaMC - Watts That Sound - War Recordings - 2013 banner fullrelease.

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