Tuesday, 30 July 2013

UK Rapper TRUTH returns with 'FADE' - 29th July 2013

TRUTH - ‘Fade’

For Immediate Release: London, 29th July 2013
FADEcover.jpgRapper / ProducerTruth returns with another cool fresh track after his EP BKS, which featured artists such asKalenna Harper(Dirty Money) and rising UK RnB starJermaine Riley. Truth had given rapping a small break to produce for artists including fellow UK rapper, Joe Black. Truth now takes a backseat on the production of this track, instead allowing his DJ, Miss Dj Candy to take the wheel.

The track samples Jakwobs ‘Fade’ (ft Maiday). Maiday’s ethereal vocals, and the simplicity of the record really brings out Truths articulate rapping style, allowing him to express a rare vulnerability at a time where 808s and twerking dominate hip hop.

One of the UKs most underrated rappers, Truth shows that he is one to watch. His next EP ‘BKS Reloaded’ will be dropping in the next few weeks.

FADE - Official Net Video - http://youtu.be/Vdn16JHEWKM

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