Monday, 15 July 2013

The Great Fete 2013 PROMO CD! Mixed & Mastered by DeeJay Pun & Marvin

Hi everyone, i know yall been waitin on something new from DeeJay Pun & Marvin! well here it is! Their new cd endorsing the biggest event to hit the Twin Islands of Trinidad & Tobago! Great Fete Weekend 2013! As we get you ready for 4 nights of unlimited fun we provide you with a perfect blend of music from your favorite artists including the headline acts Aididididonia and "The Boss" Rick Ross!!!
Check out the event page for more info:
Contact info:
Twitter: @DeeJayPun
Don't forget to check out DJ Rusty G's new podcast -> for exclusive mixes & live recordings from his weekly Radio show on Vibe 103 FM in Bermuda

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