Thursday, 25 July 2013

Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview With The Extremely Talented ****Didorion ****

Q.Tell us about who you are & What you do? 

1)“It’s hard to talk about myself when there is no exchange.  I will try to do my best. Didorion was born in Europe and of Slavic descent and came to the States as a youngters   After High School,went right to work in restaurants, bars and clubs and was head bartender, head bouncer and waiter.Didorion co-founded three bands ”Rocksand”, “Duo Freighter” and “Deep Blue Eyes” and played in small clubs and on the college scene
 Didorion’s is, musically, self-taught and took voice lesson for 2 years. Learned composition by listening to classical music, jazz and reading books.
What I'm doing,is working hard in trying to get contacts and working extra hard  in my music, to get myself notice by showbiz,can be here in the States or in the UK or anywhere,because my moto is"Where ever I lay down my music,I call home"

Q: Describe your Music in 5 words 
Original,melodic,uptempo,ear grabber,link up,

Q.Please give your Fans 3 Fun Facts About you
Humor without boundries and uses provocation.
Spontaneous reactions
Stupid pranks, that doesn't put someone in the hospital

Q. What makes your Voice Stand Out from other Artists? 
I just don't sing the lyrics,I am the lyrics.The ups and downs of emotions,
I try to emulate who I am and not try to be a clone of someone else

Q. Do you Write Your Own Material? 
Words and music,arrangements,all instruments,backup,harmonies

Q: What are your Current projects that you are working on? 
Already have over 3 dozen songs that are 50% completed and working 
on 14 new ones

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
Making music as a Rocking Roll star ,Touring around the world and and using my notoriety and wealth to try to make things a little better in the world for those that are striving!!

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? 
The world is filled with inspiration

Q: Who would you rather listen to UK or US Music? 
I like the best of both world

Q:What Artist do you listen to? 
I listen to everything,If I do like it,I turn it off

Q:Who influences your music? 
No one.I influence myself with the music I listen to

Q: Please describe your fashion style in 5 words? 
I just have one rule,try to stand out from the crowd,to go against the current.
Thats how things evolve.Its first an novelty,then its trendy and then its cloned
like music

Q: How can people Contact you & Collaborate with you? 

Now for collaborating,the foundation has to be the same for it to work

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