Thursday, 20 June 2013

Change is good

Greetings from EKKO Mysteries!

It's been a while since the last newsletter and that's ok... because
newsletters should actually be about news.

Boy, have we got some news for you.
For those who like details without the fluff, I'll lay out the facts
and get to the point. For those who want the dirt, there's no shortage of information on the new


Long story short, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. We started revamping in December 2012, hiring a team of professionals to streamline EKKO. It's been an insane six months but the fruit from the EKKO tree is ready for picking.

    We had the structure of the book series overhauled, even changing some names to make the story much more intriguing and close to home. Part of that process was having the books professionally edited, which meant we had to bring in some professional artists to make some groovy new covers. As a bonus, we thought we'd put the forward from each new title in the back of each preceding book. We're launching a Podcast,separate newsletter for that, bringing some fascinating people to your doorstep. The screenplay is underway, aided by some incredibly insightful people.

Since the series revolves around live music, we plugged in the instruments and jumped into the recording studio. There are new tunes available that coincide with the story and series. Well of course we had to offer some new and fresh ideas so we created an extended eBook for iPad users, offering pictures, a pop-up glossary, and music clips... all within the eBook.

  The new EKKO Mysteries Website is up and running without any issues, meaning it's safe and secure from Internet Gremlins and the store is easier than ever to maneuver through. The new EKKO Web store now contains music from Nathan_Jujuthe band that lives within the books. If you feel like sending EKKO as a gift, we're offering the new EKKO gift card. You might see the name Allison Russo popping up. She'll be launching some dynamic PR for EKKO.

We'll be dropping bits of information about other features and news as we move forward with postings and blogs. We appreciate any shares, likes, and comments you feel like offering.

Now that we're back on track, book three, EKKO Blue Violin, will be out this winter. We couldn't be more excited about moving forward.

There are so many incredible people to thank for all the work done in the past six months, but the real thanks belongs to you.
Your support has been the driving factor in making the EKKO series the best it can be. You're a tough crowd and we wouldn't want it any other way. Keep those ideas and comments coming! We're listening.
  The tank is full of gas and we're putting her in drive. Keep your eyes open for updates from EKKO Mysteries and CIC_Publishing

Have a question? Feel free to send us a note

From everyone here, to you and all of yours, Have a Terrific Summer!

As always,
Grazie   Merci   Domo   Dankeshen   Spasibo  
                                                                                   ...Thank You for supporting EKKO Mysteries!

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