Thursday, 2 May 2013

TWINTOULOUSE announce May Dates, inc. Great Escape

Twintoulouse announce new May dates – including Great Escape perfomance
After successful March dates, Norwegian artistic collective Twintoulouse are coming back to the UK for three shows this May, including a performance at Brighton’s Great Escape festival.
Twintoulouse create beautifully delicate yet explosive sounding songs, captivating audiences with their stylish simplicity – and illustrating the vision of founding member Anders Johnsen.
“Twintoulouse is all about the moment when you know that if you really really want it, you can have it, at the same time that feeling needs to rest on the fear of losing.  If not you will never experience balance.  And balance is the one reason humans got up on two feet, and became the superior species.  But in the long run the white sharks will win.  The water is coming!”             Anders Johnsen
Twintoulouse could quite easily be accused of being “out there”. As the sonic alibi of the larger multi-diciplinary collective "Aksjonen" (The Action), the members are also involved with other forms of expressions combining audio, visuals and form.  The first Aksjonen project was a 1000 wooden pallet art installation at Norway’s Traena Festival.  Throughout the three-day festival the installation was an interactive element for festival visitors to see, enjoy and explore.
Their latest album ‘Your Hour’ was digitally released earlier this year, and is to be re-released on vinyl, with nine artists making their own visuals of the songs in a book, to accompany the nine tracks.

Don’t miss Twintoulous at one of their following May dates:
Thursday 16th        New Cross Inn                      London
Friday 17th             The Great Escape Festival   Brighton
Saturday 18th        Motherlive                            Hoxton, London

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