Sunday, 19 May 2013

***Fox TV's So You Think You Can Dance Works With LHM****

TV/FIlm Project Announcement

Happy Friday:

We are pleased to announce a recent request from Fox TV's "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE" for a song in our Artist catalog.

"I JUST WANNA DANCE," by our New York City duo Quest RNS is slated for use on an upcoming episode of the popular dance competition show.

The song is a high energy track with lyrics on dance and having fun.
  More exciting details to come!!!!!

Linnette Harrigan Media is a sought-after music and entertainment agency based in New York City.  Established in 2009 under former name, "H Music," the firm specializes in music licensing and production. 

LHM owns over 5,000 pre-recorded tracks from all genres of music (Pop, Rock,  Hip Hop, Soul, etc.) which are available for use in Television Shows, Advertising Commercials, Films, Video games and other MultiMedia.
The firm also provides: music artists, composers, production managers, supervisors, cover songs/re-recordings, score and creates music on spec for all media.
To date, Linnette Harrigan Media has most notably served as music producers to such famous brands as KIRIN.
Linnette Harrigan Media
P.O. Box 20352
PWF Station
New York, N.Y. 10025

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