Sunday, 19 May 2013

6 New Sampled Beats

Hey whats good. Below are the newest beats with samples that I have been working on with @Semi_Moto_Beatz. Check um out.

Stewie MOM (EBxSMB) - Click To Listen

Tell Me Why (EBxSMB) - Click To Listen

StelioKontos (EBxSMB) - Click To Listen

JustinBieber (EBxSMB) - Click To Listen

Cant Be Friends (EBxSMB) - Click To Listen

Nsync (EBxSMB) - Click To Listen

***Enter ExurtzWorld***

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I would also like to invite you to I just uploaded some NEW beats to this new site Im using. Here you can also listen to and purchase beats. Leases are $15 and Lease wHook are $20. Use the widget for 25% Off


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