Monday, 25 March 2013

Harsh.TV Features The very Talented **Kelly Donovan***

Kelly Donovan is a young singer-songwriter, based in London, UK, who aims to pursue a career in the industry of pop music. At just 18-years-old, Kelly already has a massive repertoire of original music and longs to one day hear her original material being played on the radio. She aims to be a successful recording artist, as well as a songwriter for other artists.

Kelly has performed at various venues across London and South East of England, and has received positive feedback from fans, various venue managers and the press. After deciding to start promoting herself on social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and BEAT100, Kelly has found her fan base increasing by the day. However, Kelly’s next ambition is to create a full album of original material to release and promote in the upcoming year, and hopes that this will help to expand her fan base to an even higher extent.

Kelly recently released her first fully produced pop track, “Dreamer (feat. Yung Axe)”, and published the song to iTunes, Jango and Amazon. Kelly has just finished working on her next official release, “Take It Off”, with Tom Strike (producer), and will be releasing an official music video for the track. She is also raising money to go towards her debut album as we speak, and has the original material written and ready to be produced.


“I’ve worked with Kelly a number of times now and each time she comes back, she ups her game. Kelly’s a very talented, passionate individual who is devoted to her music. I can see her going far in her career either as an artist or a songwriter.” – Tom Strike, Producer

“Kelly continues to surprise her audience with her music. She is so versatile and performs music that fits into the genre of commercial pop, as well as a more serious “singer-songwriter” style of music, in which she bares her raw emotions to the audience.” – Ben Weller, Manager at BEAT100 Music Video & Social Network


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