Monday, 11 March 2013

Harsh.TV Features - “The Rhythmic Lounge" Magazine

“The Rhythmic Lounge" Magazine is the official magazine for all Companies, Entrepreneurs, Agencies, Indie & Unsigned Musicians, Artists and Entertainers and some exclusive celebrity features and interviews! This also includes photographers, motivational speakers, writers, models, actors, stylists, comedians, companies, designers, authors, make-up artists, hairstylists, djs, producers, catering companies and so much more!

Our latest issue was just released on February 7 and you can take a look here... 

Our issue before that has over 210,000 downloads and 85,000 physical copies sold in just over 90 days of being released and that number is growing by the day. You can check that issue out here 

We are now accepting orders now for our Spring issue that comes out in April if you would like to promote what you are doing or know anyone else that may want to. The Spring issue is going to be a great issue with some surprise celebrity inclusions, expanding our readership even more.

Lock in your page or spread now before they sell out!

$50 for 1-page ad spot
$80 for 2-page ad spot
$120 for inside-front cover spot AND 2-page spread inside
$100 for inside-back cover spot AND 2-page spread inside
$100 for a 4-page spread inside the magazine.
$150 for a 4-page spread in 2 of our issues
$350 for The COVER and a 4-page inside spread!
**Multiple ad pages can be broken up and used in future issues as well**


We also offer professional magazine design from start to finish for an extremely affordable price. Everything from small publications to very large monthly editions. We have the best prices out..guaranteed! Contact us for more information!

*$300 for a 1 year banner AD on our home page. 2 size slots to choose from.
*400 for a 1 year magazine ad and radio commercial ad package.
*$100 for 4-MONTH COMMERCIAL Ads package to promote yourself or your company/business*
*$50/Month for your own, weekly 1 or 2 hour DJ or Radio show hosted with us*
$20 for your own listening hour on our radio. Great opportunity to debut your mixtape or album in a professional format.
$100 for mixtape slots for a globally distributed mixtape.

Our radio gets an average of 15,000-19,000 unique listeners each month.

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is filled with exclusive interviews & features from a variety of Indie & Unsigned Musicians, Artists & Entertainers from all over the world. It is the most universal publication and will be promoted and distributed around the world!


I hope you now have a better understanding of what The Rhythmic Lounge is all about and I hope that we can network in the near future.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Chantel Atkins
The Rhythmic Lounge 

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