Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Harsh.TV Features ***Remi Sealey***

This is an introduction of my musical achievements. I grew up in south east London surrounded by music, dance and arts. My inspiration derives form in my view, the greatest legendary artist: David Bowie, Prince, Lady Gaga, Beyonce,
Michael Jackson, Darft Punk, Queen, John Lennon, Cold Play, and many other greats too many to mention.

Over the years I have been in numerous showcases in theatre and been involved in many urban and contemporary dances, and obtained an A level drama class certificate and also been a model for a few TV adverts, cat walk fashion shows and TV shows i.e.: gox won how to look good naked.

Gaining advancement from prior experience, I went on to further my skills and talent and strengthened my vocals after indoctrination in live music. I was then invited to sing with a band to tour and to be a supporting act for West Life around all the UK Arenas, this exposed me to a huge West Life fan base and I also participated in live living room tours to West Life fans at random venues thus acquiring more fans through the local press and radio and other marketing tools.
And I have also performed at Poland and Switzerland festival, also to add iv travelled to the USA Atlanta Georgia to perform at a variety of gig, this included fashion shows , night clubs, and a couple of private appearances.

My vocation in life is not just to be a singer but to be an ssuccefull worldwide pop British male artist and to create a more advanced and fresh sound and look in my music career, and to inspire other people that you can be whoever you want to be in life
I look forward to being involved in producing more creative and innovated material with in this music life I leed into...  

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