Thursday, 28 February 2013

Harsh.TV Does An Interview With The very Talented Steve Swindells

Q.Tell us about Who you are and what you do?
A.I'm an old bloke who is a singer-songwriter,Musician and Producer.
I also paint, write prose and poetry and take photographs.

Q.Describe your music in 5 words?
A.Soulful, Passionate,Poetic,Melodic and Profound

Q. Please give your fans 3 fun facts abut you.
A. Gay, Gorgeous and Groovy 
Q.What makes your voice stand out from other Artists?
A.It's very Deep

Q.Do you write your own material?
A. Hell Yeah!

Q. What are your Current Projects that you are working on?
A. I am Constantly being creative, I never stop.I've got three songs on the go(I write the words and music) at the moment I am writing a book of short stories. There are 4 online so far, but be warned they are a bitt racy! Heres the link

Q.Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A. In Heaven? Seriously,I'll be 65 in five years, so probably out Clubbing!

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A.Joy, and her brother Pain.

Q.Who would you rather listen to UK or US music?
A.Mmm, that's a tough one-I love R&B and I think Americans generally do that better, but the Brits keep inventing new Genres like, punk, new wave, UK garage, grime and dubstep and lots of American rock is frankly Ridiculous.Then look at Adele,Amy(RIP), Labyrinth,Emile Sande,Ben Howard and all our golden oldies like Tom Jones, The Stones, The Who (thanks for covering four of my songs Mr Daltrey) etc. So the UK Wins.

Q.What Artists do you listen to?
A. Myself Mostly 'coz i'm always working- developing songs and remixing (I have a digital home studio) but recently I've really enjoyed Ben Howard and Emile Sande, along with a relatively obscure US Soul band called Solo - awesome singers. 

Q.Who influences your music?
A.The Beatles, Tamia Motown, Bowie, REM,Radiohead, Aretha Franklin, Seal, Dusty Springfield, Tom Walts, Joni Mitchell, Little Feat Marvin Gaye, Donnny Hathaway, Otis Redding and many more.

Q. Please describe your fashion style in 5 words
A. Don't be silly, who me

Q. How can people Contact and Collaborate with you?
A. I'm on Linkedin and Facebook 

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