Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Time to make history [It's Zubstep Season + Win a jumper]


Want to help us get it into the UK Charts? Cool, read on...

1. WHAT?

‘Zubstep’ is Zuby's upcoming EP. It fuses rapid fire lyrics with big bass drops to create a new genre for hip-hop and dubstep fans alike. 
The goal of this campaign is to get 'Zubstep' into the UK Charts by pre-ordering it on iTunes before the release date of 15th February 2013 
(click here to listen/pre-order)

2. WHO?

My name is Zuby and I'm an independent rapper based in Bournemouth, England. I’ve been making music for 6+ years and have released 3 albums and 1 EP. Being a DIY artist means that I'm free to create the music that I want, but it also means no big money investment, no major label promotion and minimal radio & TV airplay. Despite these hurdles, I work extremely hard - travelling all over the country, organising my own tours, selling CDs on the street, talking to my fans on Facebook & Twitter and doing whatever else it takes to connect with my supporters and earn a living from my music. Despite selling over 10,000 albums independently (more than many signed acts!) I’ve never made an appearance in the Official UK Charts because of my direct-to-fan sales methods. So this time around, the question is: Can Team Zuby can get ‘Zubstep’ into the UK Charts?

3. WHY? ["But Zuby, you've never cared about the charts - you have our hearts!"]

Charting unsigned will make a HUGE statement and show what can be achieved with the power of the people. Also:
  • Prove to the industry that there is a demand for quality independent music - not just mainstream stuff.
  • Help to give myself and other DIY artists a bit more spotlight and opportunity.
  • (The music is frickin' awesome and you will like it!)

4. HOW?

Pre-order the EP (click here to listen/pre-order 'Zubstep on iTunes)

It only costs £4.74 and all sales during the pre-order period will count towards the first week’s sales, giving us a real chance of denting the charts.

Yes, but you'll have to wait until the release date to buy it - 15th February 2013. After this date the EP will be available on Google Play, Amazon mp3 and others!


Thank you! If we can get a decent chart position then I'll throw a party for all of Team Zuby! Let's do it!

[Team Zuby General & CEO of C.O.M. (Courtesy of Myself) Entertainment]

P.S. Please SHARE this on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr - the more people that see it the more successful we will be!

P.S.S. Once you've pre-ordered the EP, send a screenshot showing you've done so to zuby@zubymusic.comfor a chance to WIN 1 of 3 exclusive Zubstep jumpers!

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