Monday, 5 November 2012


In mid April 17yr old 'Los inHere' & 18yr old ' Sosa Trap' of Cleveland, Ohio pair up to make the hit "INTRODUCTION" which has flooded the streets & suburbs across Ohio. Their video for the song was dropped mid april as well and since then has reached 216,000+ plays on youtube which has NEVER been done in that short period of time by any artist out of Cleveland. The song/video became VERY widely know after a 14yr old fan was shot and killed at a party and every who knew the girl said she had always said that was her favorite song and if she ever died she wanted that song to be played at her funeral. 

INTRODUCTION has become the "IT" song in Ohio and if you want to get a party started all you have to do is cut that on. If you search #1DHOE on twitter you will see hundreds - thousands of tweets daily from fans talking about this song and/or the group its self.

Since this song dropped these artist have been featured on Radio stations in Cleveland, Philly, & Florida, Performed for afew thousand people at High School homecomings & Graduation parties, and are set to hit the stage with Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, & Chief Keef in the upcoming weeks.


Tony Hunt of "Dirty Rich Kidz" (Management)
TWITTER: @MrShutemDown

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