Saturday, 17 November 2012

******HOT MUSIC NEWS****** Jas, more than what you hear...

Jas, more than what you hear...

"So who really is this songstress named Jas? Jas is from the beautiful islands of Jamaica, via California and now residing in Ohio. She’s experienced several downfalls and struggles along the way but surfaced through it all with the grace of God. No longer dealing with the struggles of life, Jas focuses her attention on bringing a new smooth sound to the meaning of rhythm and blues. Hence Smooth as Jas. She made accomplishments as being crowned the winner of the 2012 Columbus Music Awards, she’s currently ranked #2 in Columbus for R&B/Soul on Reverbnation and now is sitting so comfortably on top of Dubb Spot Records’ online radio station contest. With the ability to write her own lyrics, Jas is a remarkable talent with delivery, competitiveness and dedication. She’s talented and gifted and can lace any track with her smooth vocals. We definitely are looking forward to working with Jas and we congratulate her on becoming the winner of our online radio station contest at WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio. You all make sure you hit up one or all of the links below and take a listen to what R&B’s songstress Smooth as Jas has to offer. It’s not every day you run across a songstress like Jas", WDSR ONLINE RADIO.

...More than a songstress in R&B/Soul, but an artist and voice.

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