Friday, 16 November 2012

Harsh.TV Features - New song - Victorionmusic featuring Lea Christine - "She's all Hype"

and just made available early on iTunes:

Victorionmusic featuring Lea Christine - "She's all Hype"
Lea Christine is 20yrs old, New on the scene, and very talented as a leading vocalist.
She possesses a classical beauty, similar to Marlene Dietrich, and a vocal quality like Marilyn Monroe.
Lea performs vocals on "She's all Hype", accompanied by Serge Sainte Rose on Piano.
This song will be available for download on 1st December 2012, along with a promo video.
Released by: Victorion Music Limited 
Release date: 1st Dec, 2012
Song written by Victor Etim.
Piano by Serge Sainte Rose.
All rights reserved by Victorion Music Limited
Victor Etim
Victorionmusic Ltd
Online Media Administrator


  1. Much appreciated, HarshTV.
    'She's all hype' has been receiving very postive interest from all the right people.
    Industry veterans, critics, and New Media executives are calling it, "A breath of Fresh air".
    we are preparing to shoot the promotional video, and bring onboard a PR agency.
    All this, before the official release date in early December.
    Many thanks for featuring us on your blogg.

  2. This is actually worth listening to. A beautyful song and the girl has a fantastic voice. This is going on my playlist. Great stuff, I love it...