Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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Robbins Entertainment Artist Joanne Borgella releases her debut single "Sake Bitch, available on iTunes: Tuesday, November 20th. 

Not many people can make a case for the creative influence of Sake, but for singer/songwriter Joanne Borgella, the Japanese treat sparked a playful catch phrase, a dynamic studio session, and ultimately, a debut single —“Sake Bitch.”
Produced by Carl Ryden and delivered in just one take, “Sake Bitch” is a delicious fusion of techno and dance, glamour and sass. Dripping with fierce confidence and paired with glittering personality, this is a tune that demands attention and will come to soundtrack not only your Friday night at the club, but your dance party among friends. It’s the kind of song that blazes with beauty and strength, but comes from a place of genuine humility and bold personality — much like the woman who crafted it.
Born of Haitian descent and hailing from Oyster Bay Cove, New York, Borgella has lived a life as multi-faceted as the music she makes. In 2006, she signed with the highly influential modeling agencyWilhelmina Models, making an impressive and inspirational mark on the fashion industry with the grace and confidence she brought to the world of plus-size modeling. And while fashion has helped to launch the artist’s career, it was her 2008 stint on American Idol that solidified her deserved place in the music industry. With her powerhouse vocals, stunning demeanor, and refreshing optimism, Borgella worked her way into the Top 12 girls in America, developing an incredible following of supporters along the way. Since then, Borgella has continued to hone the skills she began perfecting at the age of three, and is back to share her passion and positivity with the masses.
Life can be a tough crowd, and the world hasn’t always been an inviting and encouraging place for the young woman, but Borgella was determined to find the meaning within it all, and inspire others to fight through the darkness just as she did. It is through her music that she has made sense of heartbreak and regret, wrestled with body image and come to find acceptance and fulfillment. While her songs remain sparkling dance-pop gems painted up with beats and rhythms, the messages hidden within are those of courage and triumph, love and fearlessness.
Borgella makes music that looks past shape and size, doesn’t care about gender or background, and would rather stand strong in its eclecticism than fade in with the trends. It’s big, fun, fierce music, but not without heart. It’s a new kind of sound from a rising talent you’re going to want to keep on your radar, and it’s coming your way! "Sake Bitch" is available as of Tuesday, November 20th on iTunes and other major digital platforms.

Press Release written by Alyssa Coluccio
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