Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Till Death Do Us Part

Harsharan Received this very Touching Blog Post We wanted to share with you from the Very Talented Artist Jose. Thank you so much.


Have You Ever Seen A Real Angel

Its very rare for me to be inspired by other people, why? because most of us are selfish, not in a bad way ,were justtaking care of business or trying to better ourselfs, cool!.
but every now and then we come across that certain someone that knocks the word progression into perspective.
Everyday is a hustle and some of us just find it hard to maintain one job, tell you what how about doing a voluntary job to help young offenders/addicts to make them fell better about themselves and reagain not only self respect put to be able to hold there head up high and be rejoined into society. i dont think I myself or alot of people i know could do that, i mean go out full force and help individuals like that on top of family reponsibilities.
Well luck for you and more so for me i have the utmost pleasure of knowing HarshTv Harsharan who IS and WILL BE a very very important person to reckon with,
so here is what i would love you to do, firstly READ, DIGESThttp://maidiecreate.blogspot.co.uk/ then subscribe and keep up to date with her moves, and if your inspired scroll down to the bottom of the page and give a donation,

All i can say is Harsharan your amazing, i got alot of love for you, not just because of your services but just the way you think and work and execute to full fill your goals, An inspirational woman indeed.

Follow @HarshTv on twitter and support positive people with positive actions.

Thats it, now you can tell the world you know of an angel

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