Monday, 15 October 2012

RT- Is this You? The Day in the life the musical journey! By Paul Bailey

As I sit here and reflect on this long journey i can't help but wonder how i have managed to stay
positive for so long! With very little support and respect as an Independant artist it as been a difficult journey at times but as Joerge Michaels once sang you gotta have faith! With Plenty of rejections along the way i have learned too weather the storm! As a matter of fact I have kept all my rejection letters as a reminder of the journey and how "not to take it personal" became my biggest battle!!
Today I have to navigate using my B.S dectector and wolf in sheep clothing dector
to navigate around those who have no good intentions and haters and those who want
to collaborate and be successfull together. Building the right team as become the task
de la jour (Task of the day). I have become a pretty good detector it is not what people
say it is what they do thier actions that determine who they are!!
With that said the best decision I have made in my artistic journey is starting my own
online Publishing/Licensing company. Somthing I wanted to get into long time ago
but thier was no outlet. I started out as a song writer..a songwriters best friend is
the Publisher the Publishers job is to exploit the song usage in every different media
outlet available. I have never had label support or representation always been independant.
Now it is the norm staying independant and controlling your own destiney is inperative!
Eventuall representaion would be neccassary upon succcess!
Back to the Publishing company I have just signed a digital licensing deal with china
and Russia. That means exploiting the usage of my catalog in every format including
telecomunication,mobile,internet you name it it will be used!! My father used to allways
say you need somthing to sell to the publick a profession or a trade i think he would
be proud! This is huge let me repeat huge! Friends say i will be making a whole
lot of money but i say "we shall see"!
In other news just entered the IMA (Independant Music Awards) for my album
that did not get it's just dew when released! I wish this competion gives the album
it's just dew mass exposure and exploitation it deserves you can check link here:
Have a great day and keep the journey alive!
P Bailey

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