Friday, 26 October 2012

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Denny says...

Spirit 2 Spirit Message
Music Ministry Communications, Inc. is a nonprofit Organization whose Mission in life is to
draw souls to God to advocate the sharing of our recourses to help one another
in our humanitarian causes. Spirit 2 Spirit is the Vision given two brothers,
Michael & Denny Jenkins. We are Song Writers/Musicians/Producers in this
endeavor, who minister through word and song, but there is much more to
Ministry. Our goal, in ministering music is to add a new genre called “Message
Music” into the industry, because of it's healing and uniting potential,
However, God has placed no limit on what can be accomplished in Ministry hence
we are introducing a new platform to Partnership in Ministry. We have over a
fifty year history, collectively in performing Gospel Music and have seen its
face change dramatically over the years. God has blessed millions with musical
gifts and talents, and millions more with the appreciation for positive
inspiring forms of art.

The goal of Message Music is to use the universal
language of music to attract the attention of music lovers and to inspire its
listeners to become more conscious of their spiritual needs.  Many who are spiritually disposed are
economically disadvantaged, some distressed.
They need both spiritual and material assistance to help them sustain a
purposeful life, more specifically, their faith in God and a zeal for Christ.

It is the mission of Spirit 2 Spirit Message Music Ministry
Communications, Incorporated to lift many poor and needy people out of
spiritual and material poverty through faith which can be found through the
spiritual enlightenment of message music; to provide faith-based information,
mentoring and training in spiritual/gospel music and song; to provide material sustenance
to the poor and needy who respond favorably to the “Ministry”; and to create a
Christian ministerial advocacy network to foster the socio-economic and
spiritual advancement of individuals who are in economic distress.  This network will be made of faith-based
community service organizations and business groups for the purpose of
providing needy young people who are involved in spiritual/community programs,
opportunities to develop and pursue their gifts in music, from playing an
instrument, to singing, song writing, recording and performing “Message
Music”, and liturgical dancing.   

We believe our musical talents can serve as a platform to help others
come to know God and to benefit from the blessings that doing His work can
bring.  It is our opinion that having
knowledge of God will motivate persons to reach out to faith-based
organizations in efforts to satisfy their spiritual needs. When such persons do
so, those organizations, in turn, should reciprocate with those who have
material needs to provide assistance and support to them.

Be our guest, and visit our website; and be sure to click on our ministry tab to aquaint yourselves with our vision and efforts. 

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