Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Harsh.TV Features - Uneek

This is Uneekint aka Uneek International, I was born in Portland OR and was raised with 3 sisters and a Mother. I was raised in life to work hard to get where I want to be like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, They both came from a similar background but through those struggles and hard times in life they still didn't let it bring them down because they already knew what they wanted to do so they st
 arted practicing at a young age to get where they wanted to be. Like many others there were still people and obstacles that tried getting in their way but they wouldn't give up and now look at where it got them in life? They are known as one of the top elite players in the NBA, The only difference between the two is that Michael Jordan’s name will still be known for many years to come as the greatest basketball player that ever lived. I am not saying I am on that same level as them but I got the same motivation that they have, Such as I am going to do all that I can and work my hardest in order to get to the top. I have always had a strong passion for music ever since I was born so I practiced hard and studied every day to get to know the real fundamentals behind music and by the age of 15, I started recording and developing my own unique style that no one has ever touched so far. What I am looking forward to in life is to become a positive influence for the youth to look up to as a great role model someday.

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