Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Harsh.TV Features - KarmaSoniQ

MUSIC in my own words is an acronym for Me-And-U-Are-Sick-In-Creativity, it is one of the most anticipated single of the forthcoming mixtape (DaHUSTLE THEOREM). The street is patiently waiting for this smash hit. Sometimes when i work pass in the hood, lot of hommies be like when is this sh!t dropping and i be like SOON!.
I decided to drop the first verse of this sh!t just to give the fans a clue of what to expect when it finally drop. Plus i got couple of barzz from the second verse of the song:
    "I'm on a mission rap theorem
Math(mad) theorem like Mathematics//Whack rappers suffocating they asthmatic// Psycosomatic, psychotic like crack addicts// They mad at it, dopelines like narcotics// Flow so magic, kolomatic// Flows i got it automatic// Karmamatic overspeeding me i got it automatic//KarmaSoniQ, Karma on it, Karma own it, Karma throne it// No i'll never ever stop cos i got my throttle on// Hustle on, bustle on, muscle on, rustle on// Doubles on, goggles on, me am on ma double zone// Ma music hit you hard like a bullet from a gunplay// Playing with them  swords hommie this must be the wrong play// Wrong way, get it out of line or i get outta ma my way (my way)// Y'all rappers got the game so so retarded// Spit the truth lyrically you all disregard it!". DopeMindz Konneck like TeleCommunications!
And my word to the fans; "M.U.S.I.C. is coming soon, keep ya head up, keep the fire burning and yes WeGettingThereBayby"
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Music Master 1.mp3
From panang david
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