Friday, 26 October 2012

Harsh.TV Features - Discovering Arts Music Group (DAMG)


Discovering Arts Music Group (DAMG) is a London-based company that believes in business at the front and Music is at the back, (whereby, we protect the artists and their music). DAMG is providing a single home for Artists, which is comprise of 7 core businesses: *Record Company,*Publishing,*Management,*Booking *Studios/Production,*Events and *Fashion/Merchandise. DAMG promote, develop and support the visions of our artists, nurturing their growth from zero to hero by driving actions and creating value wherever music is experienced. DAMG are determined not to be tied to one style or preconceived ideas, but instead to embrace exceptional music from across the global spectrum.


Discovering Arts Music Group (DAMG) are finding and signing talent early, and using our creativity, passion for songs, client service, and global resources to help develop those artists into world-wide, breakthrough success stories.

Our skilled creative team is hands-on when it comes to the development of emerging talent. When we sign a new artist, writer, or producer, our team works to facilitate in the development of their music both creatively and professionally. Utilising DAMG’s roster of artists, our creative team is dedicated to finding and actualizing co-writing opportunities and arranging songwriter/producer collaborations.


Discovering Arts Music Group is fully committed to the exploitation and licensing of each and every song in our catalog. To successfully master this task, we employ talented individuals with a genuine passion for songs and a spirit of enterprise. The level of client service you can expect from DAMG is quite simply unparalleled.

Creative executives in London work closely with the industry’s leading Motion Picture and TV music supervisors and Advertising creative executives to research and provide song suggestions (upcoming, new or catalog material) for their projects. DAMG is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to promote our catalog titles and hits as well as spotlighting current artists, songwriters and emerging talent on our active rosters.


Discovering Arts Music Group has a marketing-driven culture and we pride ourselves in our ability to be extremely proactive in developing unique ways publicise and promote the company, its artists, songwriters, and music catalogue.

We also employ a host of innovative and diverse marketing initiatives to maximize exposure and opportunities for our songwriters, including: websites, micro-sites, e-newsletters, e-samplers and more.


The goal of our music publishing administration is to maximize royalty collections and make prompt and accurate distribution of royalties. Timely and accurate registration of songs with performing rights societies around the world is one of the keys to maximisation of royalty collection.

At Discovering Arts Music Group, we have created a global administrative model and developed computer systems designed to complement our administrative model. The result is a virtually seamless global process.

When rights in a song are initially obtained the details relating to the song, including writer shares, publisher shares, and territory of control, are input by DAMG into our computer system.

The next step in the administrative process is society registration. Our computer system creates electronic song registration files. Our electronic song registration files are accepted by all societies that accept electronic song registration, including U.S., Canadian, and all major European societies. Electronic registration files are submitted on a monthly basis. The electronic format improves the speed and accuracy of registration because no manual intervention is required.

In territories where electronic song registration is not accepted, we are claiming songs directly. This is done on a release basis and the forms are submitted to the right society registration on a monthly basis.

Royalty collection and distribution is also aided by a centralised process. Royalties are collected by branch offices in all countries of the World in which copyright laws are enforced. Branch offices report their royalty earnings to our London center. The London center then acts as a royalty clearing house, processing all royalties payable to other branch offices and making the appropriate payments to those offices. This process does not create any delays in royalty payment, nor does it result in any additional charges to our payees. Our royalty processing creates a database of global earnings history for each of our songs.

All details relating to new signings are circulated to each branch office in the form of a contract. These contract are registered with those performance societies which require such filings.

Although performing rights societies claim to circulate cue sheets to other societies, we take the precaution of distributing cue sheets to our London office for distribution to all branches. Each branch then registers the cue sheets with their local societies.

Our income tracking departments located in London and making certain that all royalties due for our songwriters are collected.


Registering with a performing rights society makes giving and obtaining permission to perform music simple for both creators and users of music. DAMG will ensure your music is registered, so you can start collecting your performance royalties.


In a business where every penny counts, DAMG’s income tracking departments leave no stone unturned when it comes to collecting your money. By monitoring payments worldwide, DAMG ensures all songs on releases are getting paid at the correct rate and that proper payments are received and credited for performance royalties. DAMG staff also works directly with artists and writers to investigate any opportunity to find money.


We work closely with you to research and provide song suggestions (upcoming, new, or catalog material) for your projects. Our team’s constructive working knowledge of DAMG’s catalog combined with an inspired understanding of music, have been essential to consistently successful song placement.

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