Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Harsh.TV Does An Interview With The Great Band - The Local Legends Enjoy!

Harsh.TV Does An Interview With The Great Band - The Local Legends 


Q. Tell us about Who you are and What you do?
A. Well as you can see from our Band, We are a band and we do play music and we drink.

Q. Describe your music in 5 word
A. F**k Look at theses Guy

Q.Give us 3 fun facts about you
A.There are always fun facts when you tour with us.. We don't drink before gigs, during gigs and we don't drink after gigs. funny enough for you:)

Q.What makes you stand out from other Artists?
A. This is not our decision Sorry

Q.Do you write your own material?
A. We play only our own material, I don't like artist who try and get attention, playing other artist Songs.

Q.What are your current projects that you are working on?
A. Well we just finished recorded our Debut album last week

Q. Where do you see your self in 5 years time?
A. I Think same place touring, Recording, will see

Q.Where do you get your inspiration from?
A.Only other music shows, people on stage

Q.Who would you rather listen to UK or US?

Q.What artist do you Listen to?
A. At the moment, The Raconteurs

Q.Who influences your Music?
A. I think Artist you can just watch Muted, You can feel the music from them then unmute then:)

Q.Describe your Fashion Style in 5 Words?
A. We love , Elegance and being Gentlemen 

Q.How can People Contact you and Collaborate with you?
A. Its easy, find us on facebook ;)

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