Thursday, 18 October 2012

***ATT: "Vocal Sessions with Sasha" ****

Greetings! We are proud to introduce: 'Vocal Sessions with Sasha' is another vocal stormer from Function Loops, bringing to you the most fashionable vocal samples around. Sasha is a very talented young artist, her voice will inspire you and no doubt will take you to the next level. Recorded at the Function Loops studios, these amazing samples were crafted by the best producers, and brought to you as top quality recordings.

Fits many styles of music, not only electronic. All the BPMs are listed, also the MIDI files are included to show you the exact notes, for maximum flexibility. Vocals still sound great after stretching to different BPMs.

Inside this collection you will find 780 MB of original content, including 342 loops and samples. Funtion Loops has also included loads of bonus material, like FX vocal loops (glitch, reverses, reverbs etc.), one-shots and musical instruments from the demos, for maximum pleasure.

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