Sunday, 9 September 2012

Today you The Artist Take Over Harsh.TV - Rich Monii

Today is The Day Where You The Artist Get To Take Over Harsh.TV And Today Harsh.TV  Is Featuring  - Rich Monii

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Rich Monii

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My Bio:
I was born as Richard Charles Bailey, in Houston, Texas. I was adopted at age four, which was when my last name changed to Hatcher. I began writing lyrics at age eleven. As time passed, I became more interested in music. I created my first instrumental at age fourteen, using Acoustica Beatcraft. By age sixteen, I was using Fruity Loops Studio. Also at age fourteen, I recorded my first single on my father's desktop computer, without him knowing. After getting kicked off the computer for recording without his permission and for using provocative language, I decided to try to get my own computer. It took a couple months for me to find one because I didn't have a job, which meant I couldn't afford a good computer. My first computer was an old IBM. I couldn't afford a microphone, but I was so determined to work on music that I plugged a set of earphones into the microphone insert to record music. I received my first microphone from a church when I was sixteen. By then, going to sleep at twelve o' clock a.m extended to four o' clock a.m. I worked on music from four o' clock(when I got home from school), to at least four o' clock a.m. On October 28, 2009, a tragic event occurred. My brother, Marcus Duane Hatcher, who liked singing and playing piano, passed away in an unexpected car accident. At that time, my music became more influenced, yet influential. I met a woman named Rosa Garcia on September 24, 2011, who is now my fiance, and pregnant with our child. I was recently contacted in April 2012 by QuestFax, manager of Crunchy Black (member of Three 6 Mafia). I am still searching and deciding though. Now, here I am, trying to become a known artist by everyone that listens to music.

Musical Achievements/Performances:
Voted "Most Likely to Become Famous" in high school.

From Rich Monii
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From Rich Monii
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