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Read: The Blog HotSpot Episode 11 September Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey

The Blog HotSpot Episode 11 September
Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey
Farmboy Records Partner/Producer

What good everyone? Allow me to introduce myself, my names Jose Rivadulla-Rey I'm a producer/writer and potential film maker in the making I'm going to be bringing you a digest of projects and people on a monthly basis. First of all I'd like to thank the lovely talented HarshTv team for giving me this spot and If after this edition you want some more of me you can catch me on my personal blogspot at

Well carnival is over and the dutty wine contest winner is every woman who attended, as we say in Jamaica everyting Irie.

So let’s get down to what good with me, you and everyone else. I won’t give you the in and out of things in detail ill just drop the list, but primarily the title is FUNDING, great concept to have a pain to start, why? Economics as well as competition, but eventually we all get there in the end, so far i have help fund 3 short films all via I am a big indie film fan and always support all crafts where i can, as they say what goes around comes around (just waiting on my come around now)

I will also be producing and directing a new music video called nightlights so keep an eye out for that, (usual blog/twitter bursts will be out as and when)

Also in the pipe line is 2013 Toughmudder of which i will be in on 5thMay of which i am taking donations for Help the Heros any mount you can spare, no pressure
Also check out youtube for what its all about and if you want to join my team your all welcome.

For those in the educational field we have just finished writing 5 episodes of our audio books for children (ages 5-12) its in a audio book form for kids to listen to for bed or in the car etc, we have recorded the first episode and are in the process of adding music and the front cover, this is a 2013 project,were in the process of sending it to the board of education. Ideas to have it adapted to a carton form would be good, as long as a network are willing to take it on,  just get in touch via Harshtv or our twitter @nbsfilms

This is the 11th episode so next month will mark a year, sadly this will be my last edition of doing a monthly blog but not the last time you will read about what we do, I’m going to change the format and give you quarterly blogs its just mainly due to commitment to new projects and i don’t physically have enough time in the day or night (in some cases) so it will be a see you later next month rather than a goodbye.

Either way i’m not hard to find,
2013 (i mention next year alot huh) also dropping the Black2TheBlock mixtape, the production is completed  and the tracks are all written, everyone involved are just preparing and we will record next month,DEF look out for it, it will be a free download for you
Samples of 3 of the tracks are currently on the Farmboy souncloud site

And Finally
Shout Out to @HarshTv aka The Sewing Elf aka the best Uk blogsite,
And shout out to all the followers of the movement, keep creative,positive and spiritual.
Mind elevation
And I’m Out

We at Harsh.TV Wanted to Add a little Something on the end of this great Post from Jose we all want to humbly Thank him for his contributions towards Harsh.TV and also his Support we respect him greatly and we look forward to his quarterly posts for us. He is making big moves in the Music, Film and Entertainment Industry watch out 2013.....As his name will be just about Everywhere. A Massive Thank you again.

Please be sure to show your Love and Support for him by Checking out all is sites with his greatest and latest projects that you even may be able to get involved in.
Thank you again Jose :) 
With Gratitude 
The Harsh.TV Team

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