Friday, 28 September 2012

New Album '20 Shades of Sex and Erotica'

The video is for the first single release from the New Album '20 Shades of Sex and Erotica' Its called 'Sex on the Internet' and a special 12" mix features on the album.

on Future Legend Records
Available on download album now at Itunes and all download sites

For many years Future Legend Records has been putting out erotic and sexually charged records in feel, mood and lyrics. They are also no strangers to having their records banned.
With the phenomenon that is ’50 Shades of Grey’ the world has caught up. Books and films now crowd the market place but what of music?

FLR are a natural to supply music to this new trend so they now release a compilation of their most notorious Erotic and Sex related tracks.
Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6) said the recently released track; ‘Come with me’ by Psykick Holiday was a sumptuously sensual sexually charged track that was something a bit special.
This compilation also features the banned ‘I want to sleep with you’ by cult artist Eleanor Rigby (That originally came with a free condom).

The sexual explicit hypnotic dance track ‘Sex on the Internet’ could not have been written in any other time period telling it how it really is. And it’s worth the admission fee alone with lines like ‘It keeps you warm, it keeps you wet, wipe the screen and keep it clean’

When you think of sex David Bowie doesn’t immediately spring to but these versions of his songs ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ and ‘Cat People’ are as erotic as it gets once Misty Woods of Box Office Poison gets to grips with them.
Misty’s vocal is on the much-covered ‘Louie Louie’, so explains why XFM listeners voted it best version of this song. It captures the original intention of the song.

Donna Summer was notorious for doing sexual songs but it was surprising to find the most explicit of them all was when she teamed up with James Bond composer John Barry for the film theme ‘The Deep’. Misty Woods performs the best orgasm on record with B.O.P’s version of this track.
B.O.P’s other lead singer Mouse also weighs in with her explicit and erotic song ‘Sex and Love’.

Box Office Poison loom large in this compilation and apart from the other tracks mentioned, selected songs from their very erotic and initially banned ‘Heavy Breathing Decade’ album also feature here. One female buying it for herself also bought another 20 copies for her friends saying ‘It was the sexiest album of all time.’
Also featured is the bands much rarely heard classic ‘Mysteries’ plus top 20 dance hit ‘Checkmate’ (sex mix of course).

As the title of the album suggests the album has many shades of sex & erotica and it takes you inside a number of different scenarios and offers you a number of different destinations. Ministry of Ska add their unique very rude explicit humour with the track ‘Condom’ for instance.
Another flavour of the album is the very catchy Britpop tunes featuring the very sexy voices of Eleanor Rigby and Moonchild.
It even has a Bond theme ‘Moonraker’ done in the most sensual, seductive and erotic way.

It’s a must have album for bad girls and bad boys and sexually liberated people.

Tracks Listing

1. Come with me 2. Sex on the Internet (Exclusive 12”) 3. Louie Louie
4. Lady Grinning Soul  5.The Deep  6. Strip Show 7.Is it sex you seek? 8. Sex and Love   9. Sexual Girl  10 Cat People 11.Mysteries (bedtime mix) 12. Moonraker 13. Condom  14. Teenage Sex  15. Take me up to Heaven and Back 16. I want to Sleep with you (Pt.1) 17. Last Night in Soho 18. I want to Sleep with You (pt.2) 19. Bad Bad Girl 20. Checkmate (12” Sex Mix)

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