Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Harsh.TV Weekly Hotspot Features - Paul Bailey - The Devil Made me do it!

The Devil Made me do it!

It as come to my attention that the music industry has been run for yrs by an occult group!
Do I believe this I am not sure but their are many artists who confess to selling their soul
for fortune and fame! Many of today's leading rap stars and rock artists testify to this!
They call him the rain man or the candy man the giver of everything you want who will make it rain down on you in other words the devil!Are artists today promised everything they want in return
for their soul?

I do believe many artists sell their soul, would do whatever it takes for fame and fortune!
But is it an occult controlling them or shameless exploitation? I believe the latter some people would do anything for fame at any costs no matter who gets hurt. Look at all the reality shows exploiting everybody and calling it reality.. their is no reality just pure shamelessness! Their are many artists who claim to be part of a religion like Scientology is this an occult? Their are those who claim to be Jehovah's witness but usually after repenting from their evilness do they find God! I believe in God but he should be with you all the time not when it is convenient!

Would you sell your soul for fortune and fame ask yourself that! Do you have any moral integrity or shameless if you said shameless then you are willing to sell your soul at any cost! Once soled you never get it back from drugs to alcoholism sex addiction you name it hence all the artists who are addicted to drugs. It is a sad state of affairs when I see this all your favorite artists drugged up!  
From Amy Whine house to Whitney to Michael Jackson. Many accuse the occult for this! One source
even goes far enough to say Michael Jackson was Killed by the occult because he was about to convert to Islam and would get protection from them! That is a powerful statement once my father said to me me you want to be in the entertainment business you will end up Black up a Jamaican term for drug addiction and I would say no way Michael Jackson doesn't do drugs!

Would I sell my soul I have not that is probably why it as taken a long time because I have integrity

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