Friday, 21 September 2012

Harsh.TV Features - DOREMI FLY


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They are as unique as their name "Doremi Fly", and as bold as their Personalities. Careya (Songwriter/Pianist), Toni-Leigha, Leanne (Dancer/Rapper) and Dania have an edge and a sound to be reckoned with, they have been very good friends for years and have always shared the passion of Music long before they decided to be a Team.   Their Ethnical diversity is what makes the Band creative when it comes to writing, styling and their stage performances. With their eclectic musical background and the aim to create something new and unexampled for their fast growing fan-base, their aim is to stand out and inspire the young and mature crowd.     Doremi Fly have had interest from multiple booking agents to perform at over 50 events in the first week of releasing their online acoustic videos and have Recorded over 2 Albums worth of music. The girls now have a catalogue with a wide variety of genres that include Pop/Pop-Rock/R&B/Soul/Dance/Dubstep and House.     The girls are very ambitious and experimental in their art and are open to new ideas as they came up with a simple but striking concept to bring their fantasies, childhood wishes and future visions to life …Futuristic, Dynamic, Eclectic Motivating and Universal.  The girls consider their alter ego as Extra-terrestrial. Their Obsession with music has always been the basement of their friendship moreover the basement of their life’s and their mission to share their Music


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