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Harsh.TV Features - CRIME FIGHTIERS: 20 Kick Ass Cult Crime Themes

CRIME FIGHTIERS: 20 Kick Ass Cult Crime Themes
By Various Artists: Cat No. FLEG.30
On Future Legend Records (Out 10th September 2012)
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Future Legend Records are well known worldwide for doing the best covers of cult TV and film themes over the past 20 years helping break new artists and reviving the careers of the odd million selling act. This compilation features their very best crime fighting themes of not just Cop and Detective shows but other crime fighters who may not automatically spring to mind like Batman and The Avengers.
Its easy to forget that Deckard played by Harrison Ford in Blade Runner was a cop. Included in this compilation is the definitive and only full-length version of The Sweeney (with the new film out this will be much in demand.) After hearing the Starsky and Hutch theme by top ten hit band and million sellers The Lambrettas; no lesser figure than Huggy Bear called it the definitive version. Batman is with us once again but who can forget the original and its great tune? The album features some of the harder to get cult themes like Randal and Hopkirk, Magnum Force (Dirty Harry two) and Man in a Suitcase (which Chris Evans also used as the theme to his TGIF show)
If you thought it was impossible to cover Shaft, think again as this very sexy female version definitely kicks ass.
Other themes like Hawaii 5-0 are perennial party favourites and rediscover the delights of other great themes like Department-S, The Rockford Files, The Man from Uncle and many more with this great album of the best cult TV and Film crime fighter themes.
Finally it features a rare alternative version of The Protectors Theme (Avenues and Alleyways) By cult artist Glenda Collins who was the favourite artist of all the Joe Meek produced acts and is much sought after.
The album was produced by Russell C. Brennan (Aka Russell Writer) (who is listed in the top 20 most innovative record producers of all time) so that tells you another reason why these versions are so good.


  1. THE SWEENEY by the Sweeney 2. STARSKY and HUTCH by The Lambrettas

  1. HAWAII 5-0 by Ministry of Ska 4.THE ROCKFORD FILES by Illegal Immigrant

  1. SHAFT by I.S.F.B Featuring Misty Woods 6. STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO by E.L.B.O.W 7. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE by Box Office Poison 8. THE MAN FROM UNCLE by the Grave 9. DEPARTMENT-S by Box Office Poison 10. BATMAN by Waterloo Sunset All-stars 11. THE AVENGERS by the Grave 12. MAGNUM FORCE (DIRTY HARRY 2) by the Incredibly Strange Film Band 13. THE SAINT by Ministry of Ska 14. RANDAL and HOPKIRK by FLR All-stars 15. HILL STREET BLUES by the Incredibly Strange Film Band 16. THE PROFESSIONALS by Earthling Scum 17. BLADE RUNNER by Box Office Poison 18. THE A TEAM by I.S.F.B 19. MAN IN A SUITCASE by Box Office Poison 20. THE PROTECTORS (Avenues and Alleyways)(Alternative rare version) by Glenda Collins

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