Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Blog HotSpot Episode 10 Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey

The Blog HotSpot Episode 10
Featuring Jose Rivadulla-Rey
Farmboy Records Partner/Producer

What good everyone? Allow me to introduce myself, my names Jose Rivadulla-Rey I'm a producer/writer and potential film maker in the making I'm going to be bringing you a digest of projects and people on a monthly basis. First of all I'd like to thank the lovely talented HarshTv team for giving me this spot and If after this edition you want some more of me you can catch me on my personal blogspot at

So far i can say that 2012 has been a productive and challenging one.
Farmboy Records dropped the
44 inch chest mixtape  
The Launch of NBSFilms

Its on a Poping i connect worldwide from London to Compton, yep thats a line but its also true, I’m currently networking with a lot of LA producers and building on certain project,
Currently i have had the privilege of attending a private screening of the new Noel Clarke film Storage24, i have to say i was more than impressed, this film is excellent as im a horror buff (zombie addict) i wont go into the details of the film but you will Jump,Laugh, and say OH S~@T, its a very good film.
Speaking of films, ive just finished making a short film called the shot, its all about a basketball player who spends the night through to the mid day focusing on a basketball court at the ring, focusing on the perfect shot, he doesn’t want to practice, he is connecting with the ring, bonding with his craft, at the end of the day you only get one shot (most of the time) so this short film is dedicated to those who take the time and dedication to focus on that one shot.

26th of Sept i will be on a film set with Damien Swaby who is shooting his forst film, ive been privileged to be a part of the crew and cast so thats going to be exciting, i’ll give you the scoop more closer to date.

Music is popping off like the 4th of the July were getting ready to record Black 2 The Block, this mixtape is more Thug Politics dealing with, race, police and everyday issues we all can relate to, the production is in motion with 8 tracks finished, as well as 20 tracks written, this wont be available until 2013

At the moment went we are waiting on funding which should be confirmed by late august, the funding to to shoot the trailer for Birth of a wolf, i have been talent hunting for actors as well as locations withing the Wimbledon studios who have a very impressive studio of which i can use for several scenes, the story board is completed all i need is my camera and actors and were a go!

I took my god daughter for breakfast the other day (some posh place i go to) now to me its just breakfast but to my goddaughter it was a issue due to the environment it took her 20 minutes to order because she was worried about the price to which i asked her “whats wrong” to she said “have you seen the price?” i said to her “if i was rich and i bought a bently do you think i see it as a bently or a car” she looked confused,
The answer is simply its a car like this is breakfast, when you work hard and you have the means to eat well then don’t compromise your hunger its a simple rule of life that i live by, others don’t, but then again i haven’t really cared for others as other have never cared for me.
Work hard and be happy even if its the simplicity of breakfast, im trying to install these ethics into my goddaughter by taking her out and experiencing new things so that that her mind is opened to more than just eating at Nandos, not that there is nothing wrong with nandos, but you have to know more than that.

So take what you want from that story,

And finally big warm shout out and hugs to the sewing elf, my online partner in crime HARSHtv

As always


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