Friday, 10 August 2012

Please RT - Today is The Day Where You The Artist Get To Take Over Harsh.TV And Today Harsh.TV Is Featuring - ABOUT POETRY

Today is The Day Where You The Artist Get To Take Over Harsh.TV And Today Harsh.TV  Is Featuring  -ABOUT POETRY

Together we can all help one another's music by Liking, RT and Sharing with Other Music Lovers.
We all help one other to grow. We humbly request your support for your fellow Artist Today and we can help make A Musical Difference Tomorrow and Beyond...... Lets change The Way The Industry is and Take Control of great music and what we all want to hear. Thank you so much and again please feel free to share and RT .





About Poetry is my life in poems. It is my way to express my feelings and emotions. At first, I play with the words, then I play with the music and then I put it all together in a video. Life becomes art and art becomes life. I am free.


Music is my escape, I have to make music to survive. I write to let go and move on:

I write a song, when I'm down and out:

And when I feel all happy and lifted up:

I write about, what I feel inside:

And how I feel about the outside:

I didn't plan to make videos, but when I finished the first song, I thought it would be better to hand on the message, if I had a video. I asked one photographer, a friend of mine, if he could do that. He doubted and thought it would be too difficult. I thought I'd try.
You can watch all my videos at:

I am a singer-songwriter. I write the songs, I sing them and play the piano. Other instruments are played by other great musicians: Hendrik Soon (guitar, violin, cello) and Silver Solnask (drums).

If you like it so far and you would like to keep track of what I am up to, then you can also:

like my facebook page:

follow me on twitter:

even listen to my music directly from twitter:

download two of my songs for free at last.fm

and of course subscribe me on youtube:
aboutpoetry    :)

Peace 'n' love!

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  1. You rock, AP! Keep writing and singing songs! :o)