Thursday, 9 August 2012

James Monk Features - The Mourning Suns

The Mourning Suns is a collaboration between lyricist Rosemary Wilkes and Guitarist Anthony Williams. The pair have been working together for the past two years under the name of “Avalande” and have recently been transformed under their new guise. T.M.S. are performing as an acoustic act, but are scouring the UK for their musical soul mates to bring their vision to fruition. Wilkes’ poetry delves
into the unknown and rests in an unsettling way over the cleverly crafted music, dreamt and fashioned by melancholies own Anthony Williams. Notable influences found subtly simmering in their musical inventions are Ryan Adams, Belle and Sebastian, Nick Drake, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, The Smiths, and Radiohead.

"Amazing up and coming duo play an acoustic set of harmony infused original songs. Comparisons don't do them justice, but think modern folk music, Kate Bush, St Vincent. Not to be missed."
James Brough, George IV, Lichfield.


Reported By James Monk

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