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Harsh,TV Features - Marian Georgiou

Marian Georgiou

Marian Georgiou, the well known Greek-Cypriot recording artist/songwriter crosses over the language and international boundaries performing songs in Greek, Italian and English. Marian is a well accomplished artist who has recorded under EMI Records releasing her debut Greek single which topped the Greek/Balkan charts causing a great buzz, thrusting her into a position of notoriety and elevated success. Appearing on several Television programs, and has made a name for herself in the music industry.

Marian soon after teamed up with well known Italian Songwriter/Singer Roberto Casalino to remake his already famous Italian hit “Novembre” which was released by Italian songstress Giusy Ferreri.The song was translated into English. Marian went on to collaborate on several projects with Roberto, which includes the Italian/Greek song "Abbracciami - Afto ine agapi" produced by Greek composer Andrew Rigopoulos (B612musicall production team). Marian’s remarkable ability to write beautiful ballads manifests itself in her song "TELOS & ARXH".

"Abbracciami" , the Italian CD-Single, in association with Roberto Casalino releases now and is released as a 3 track EP by Island Def Jam (Universal Music Group) and will be available at any music store near you, a must have treasure!
Talented, Professional, Passionate...Marian Georgiou!

"Abbracciami" Marian Georgiou Feat. Roberto Casalino
Music: Marian Georgiou & Lakis Papadopoulos
Italian lyrics: Roberto Casalino
Greek lyrics: Nicol Spiropoulos
Arrangement&Production: B612musicall production team (Andrew Rigopoulos)
Record label: Island Def Jam

"Io volo" Marian Georgiou
Music: B612musicall production team (Andrew Rigopoulos)
Lyrics: Marco Nodari
Record label: Island Def Jam

Marian is about to perform with Roberto Casalino in Italy,Greece,Cyprus and in other European countries.

Read more: http://www.mariangeorgiou.com/bio/#ixzz24DcGZpLE

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